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Organic Food and Drink 2021

The Soil Association recently reported the highest year-on-year growth in 15 years for the organic food and drink market, at +12.6%  with the market now worth £2.79 Billion.

It is the highest rate of growth in 15 years, plus a 10th consecutive year of growth. The market is on target to reach £2.9 Billion by the end of 2021. Many new organic shoppers will remain loyal to the sector as they look to support a food and farming system that supports a safe climate, better biodiversity, and improved health.

The pandemic has shone a light on health, and 2021/22 will build on 2020’s healthy buying trends – Al Overton, buying director at Planet Organic, says that this will go hand-in-hand with purchases made for the health of the planet and community.

The Millennials effect

Over the next 10-15 years demand will rise significantly. One major reason for this is millennials (men and women aged 25-34). Millennials are more mindful of the food and drink they consume and the impact their choices have on the planet. Today only 25% of millennials are parents but this will increase to 80% in the next 15 years creating a huge market of potential organic consumers.

People are turning to organic products for the assurance of transparency, integrity, and quality they provide. Organic is now rightfully recognised as the cornerstone of a resilient food and farming system. A vital part of the solution to the issues facing our climate, nature, and health.

No signs of slowing down

During the coronavirus pandemic Heinz has seen double the growth for its organic baked beans, ketchup and soup. This is in comparison to their traditional ranges.

It was recently announced that Planet Organic – the London based organic supermarket is to double its number of stores. In addition, to meet customer demand their online service will be offered nationwide.

Other organic brands such as Yeo Valley, Riverford Organics and Graze have all enjoyed growth in recent times. The demand for organic food and drink shows no sign of slowing down.

Projuice Smoothies recently introduced a range of three Organic Smoothies and have seen sales continuing to grow month on month. Organic smoothie sales now represent almost 15% of smoothie sales and they now have a dedicated range of promotional material.

If you are the owner of a café, restaurant or gym you will already know the importance of vegan options to ensure you don’t miss out on crucial sales. Having an organic option is equally important.  Projuice’s Organic Smoothie bundle is a simple way to get started and add a fabulous range to your menu. The bundle includes a red berry combination, a nutrient-rich green blend and a totally tropical one.

So although organic food and drink has been around since time began we’re about to see a boom. It’s time to get on board!