We supply Liege Waffle dough for catering outlets nationwide. Supplied in individual frozen pucks for consistency and made from quality real ingredients to an authentic certified recipe. A far cry from waffle mix, powder or batter. To create the finest Belgian Waffles available in the UK simply defrost and prove before cooking in a waffle maker/iron.

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We supply pre-portioned Belgian Waffle dough in wholesale quantities to the catering industry. Our dough makes it easy to create delicious Liege waffles. Firstly defrost for 3-4 hours, secondly prove the dough, then cook for 3-4 minutes in a waffle iron/maker. Serve plain or with a toppings such as fruit and cream or marshmallows, chocolate sauce and ice cream. The dough is supplied in bulk boxes of 78 portions.

Liege Waffles

Liege waffles are made with a brioche-like yeast dough and studded with pearl sugar – the magic ingredient in the recipe. Pearl sugar is a small chunk of sugar that holds its shape when cooked, leaving you with gloriously crunchy bites of sugar. Liege waffles are incomparable to other cheaper products such as ones made with batter, mix or powder.

Starter Pack

Get selling with our Waffle Starter Pack containing 468 servings as well as a range of promotional material such as a pavement sign to maximise sales. This pack has an incredible retail value of £2136 and costs only £279 plus VAT.