Our Story


It all started in 2002 with an idea to make smoothies that were quick, no prep, high in quality and generate zero food waste.

The solution - mixed frozen fruit and vegetables in a sachet with unique blends.
Simply add juice, blend and serve.

This was introduced to the UK in 2004 by Projuice. We are proud to supply a wide variety of award winning smoothies from the true Classic to the Super smoothie


In 2004, the idea emerged of having a cube of premium Belgian chocolate on a stick to melt into hot milk which gives you the perfect mouth watering velvety hot chocolate.

About a year later, this unique concept was launched.
Now offering 8 flavours, including vegan dark chocolate spoon.

Frozen Fruit

We wanted to become the number one supplier to Juice bars and manufacturers throughout the UK for quality frozen fruits.

So we invested in finding harvesters throughout the world where quality and sustainability was at the forefront.

Only when the time was right, at the peak of ripeness
the fruit was picked and frozen within 4 hours,
guaranteeing optimum freshness, taste and texture.

Dairy & Plant Based Shakes

This idea was based on the smoothie concept –
offering a simply solution, high quality and again, without wastage.

The solution - frozen 250ml tubs of ice cream,
multiple flavours including real inclusions.

Simply add milk, blend and serve.
We are now proud to supply a full range of shakes
including your true classic or plant based.

Problend Blenders

We have supplied many blenders in the past.
However, we wanted to supply a unit that blended well, was robust and good value for money.

For over 10 years we have been suppling the Problend 950 range which has proven its value and reliability to 1000’s of customers.

Our Bespoke Juice Recipe

The perfect juice blend for any of our smoothies.
We know how important the juice is, as we have worked with multi flavours over the years from the basic orange and apple to mixes of orange, mango and apple.

However we realised that apple juice brings out the flavour of the fruits, but can be over powering. So, we added a touch of pear juice - and then the perfect smoothie blend mixer was released.

Recycled Packaging

Projuice cups are made from RPET
which uses 30% of recycled material.

Where possible our packaging is recyclable.
For example, our milkshake tubs are all made from
cardboard and can be recycled.

Our New Depot

We out grew our Exeter Depot, so we opened a location in Reading to support our South East clients.

This move enabled us to deliver with greater speed and frequency, improving next day deliveries.

Furthermore, we were able to improve the sustainability of distribution with a lower carbon footprint per delivery.


At Projuice, we have built long-standing and loyal supply chain partnerships with our growers and suppliers over the last two decades.

We strive to ensure that all work is conducted with respect for the environment by:
- Keeping energy consumption low
- Utilising renewable energy through installation of solar panels in our Exeter Head Office.
- Recycling the water used in processing in the production of smoothies.

View our page on sustainability for more

Offsetting Our Carbon Footprint

Its time to change, that’s why here at Projuice we are planting trees to offset our carbon footprint.