Sustainability at Projuice

At Projuice, we make every effort to improve the sustainability of our processes, our products, and our packaging. From our ingredients to our deliveries, sustainability is continually in review to provide the best possible experience for our growers, suppliers and customers.

Premium Ingredients

We give our fruit the time it needs to grow and develop to its full flavour. Only then is the time right for it to be picked.

All our fruit and vegetables are IQF frozen within 4 hours of being picked at the peak of ripeness, to guarantee you optimum freshness and taste with all our smoothies.

All our ingredients are 100% sustainable and traceable.

The milk used in our shakes and ice creams is sourced from the UK and Ireland. All our cows are grass-fed. We only use 100% premium Belgian chocolate in our Choc-O-Lait products. We never use any GMO ingredients. 


At Projuice, we have built long-standing and loyal supply chain partnerships with our growers and suppliers over the last two decades. This means all our products are handled with the best care. We strive to ensure that all work is conducted with respect for the environment by:

Keeping energy consumption low.

Utilising renewable energy through installation of solar panels in our Exeter Head Office.

Recycling the water used in processing in the production of smoothies.

Minimal use of pesticides and fertilizers with our fruit harvest.

Maximum recycling of packaging material.

Zero Food Waste

Research suggests that reducing food waste would be the third most effective solution to fighting climate change. Our pre-portioned 150g smoothies and 250ml shakes keep any food waste to a minimum. In addition, our frozen products are delivered to our customers with more than 12 months’ shelf life to sell our products onto your customers.


We make every effort to continually increase the sustainability of our product packaging.

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We reduced the plastic used for our smoothie sachets by 20% in 2020. These sachets are fully recyclable.

milk choc-o-lait sticks


In 2021 we swapped out packaging to brown cases, reducing our carbon footprint and improving transport efficiencies.


Shakes & tubs

Our pre-portioned shakes tubs and lids are made from fully recyclable paper.


Cups, lids & straws

Cups are recyclable and our straws are fully biodegradable and compostable; a perfect alternative to plastic straws.


We have a strict no air freight policy. Air freight transportation causes up to 50 times the CO2 emissions of sea freight. When we can’t use sea freight, we transport via road.

In order to make sure your daily delivery is as green as possible, we carefully plan our routes each day to the distance travelled per drop and to ensure the vans are fully loaded and utilized.

On-Going Investment & Standards

Our Supply chain partners invest in land and farmers, pickers and agronomists, in food scientists and chefs. We apply the very highest standards to guarantee traceability and food safety throughout our supply chain network – we are proud of the certifications we have achieved.

Our state-of-the-art, HACCP standard compliant production and packing facilities are also approved by numerous accreditation agencies including British Retail Consortium (BRC) and EFSIS

All our Smoothies and Shakes are produced at BRC Grade A facilities, confirming that we have met the very specific requirements set by the British Retail Consortium for their standards of food safety. They are also members of Sedex; one of the world’s leading online platforms for companies to manage and improve working conditions in global supply chains.

Our organic range of soups are certified by the Soil Association, the UK’s leading organic certification body. 

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Sustainability at Projuice

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