The Benefits of Using Recyclable Takeaway Cups in Cafes

Cafes, coffee shops and smoothie bars play an essential role in offering more sustainable takeaway packaging options to their customers. As we move towards a more sustainable future and reduce the amount of single-use plastic in our environment, making conscious choices is crucial when it comes to choosing your cafe’s takeaway packaging.

With the ban on non-recyclable single-use plastics in the UK last year, it’s crucial that we recognise our responsibility to work towards a cleaner, more eco-friendly world for everyone and start making informed decisions about takeaway packaging.

At Projuice, we stock a range of eco-friendly takeaway packaging for food establishments. We discuss the different types available for cafes; from recyclable takeaway cups for smoothies, milkshakes, frappes, and juices to recyclable food packaging for salads, pasta, smoothie bowls, and soups – and the benefits they offer.

​​A table full of takeaway packaging

Are Takeaway Cups Recyclable?

It depends on what the takeaway cups are made from. Disposable polystyrene cups, such as foam ones, are not recyclable and are banned in the UK, so they should be avoided at all costs. 

Additionally, disposable takeaway cups made with an aqueous lining that claim to be plastic-free, compostable, and recyclable are not accepted in regular plastic or cardboard recycling – with very little being known about them, too, as they’re relatively new to the market and more research needs to be done. 

We recommend opting for plastic takeaway cups that are certified recyclable, such as our PET recyclable takeaway cups at Projuice. Our range of PET recyclable cups are also made from recycled plastic, contributing to fewer carbon emissions and reduced environmental impact. They can also be recycled and made into new products such as bottles, seatbelts, clothing, insulation, or more recyclable cups. 

What is PET Plastic?

Although PET plastic has polyethylene in its name, it differs from pure polystyrene plastics. With a different molecular structure, PET plastics have a melting point of 245°C, which allows them to be recycled and recreated into other new plastic products. If you want to know if your product is made from PET plastic, just look for the number 1 logo, which is usually on the bottom!
A takeaway plastic cup with coffee on a table

The Benefits of Using Recyclable Smoothie Cups in Cafes

If you serve smoothies, milkshakes, frappes, or fruit juices in your cafe, choosing takeaway cups, like our recycled plastic smoothie cups or plastic milkshake cups made from PET plastic, offers numerous benefits.

1. They Can Be Recycled

Recyclable takeaway cups can be, you guessed it, recycled! At Projuice, our PET plastic takeaway cups are up to 100% recyclable and are often made from already recycled plastic materials. These plastics don’t have an expiry date for recycling, either, so they can be recreated into a wide range of various products over and over through washing and re-melting – making them a more sustainable and better choice for our environment.

Recycling PET Plastic Takeaway Cups

Ensuring your business has a regular and efficient recycling program, like partnering with ‘Closed Loop’, where cups are made into new ones, is crucial. This service will increase your recycling rate and make your business more sustainable, ensuring your plastic waste is recycled correctly and doesn’t end up in landfills.

2. More Sustainable Choice

Yes, PET plastic is initially made from crude oil and natural gas, which isn’t sustainable. However, PET is a more energy-efficient packaging material than glass, aluminium, and other materials due to its high strength and low weight ratio. This allows more products to be delivered in less packaging, contributing to fewer fossil fuel emissions from transport. PET plastics are now considered a reliable and sustainable choice when recycled in the curricular economy.
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3. Durable Material

PET plastic cups are strong, durable, and extremely lightweight, unlike paper cups, which start degrading when in contact with liquids. They’re also shatterproof, so if a customer drops one, you won’t need to worry about broken pieces of glass.

4. Does Not React with Foods

Our takeaway plastic cups are highly resistant to chemical and biological reactions with other substances, including foods and liquids.

5. Offers a Glossy, Glass-like Finish

Lastly, our recyclable takeaway cups at Projuice have a glass-like, glossy finish and are transparent, allowing you to showcase your smoothies and milkshakes in the best light possible. 

We stock a range of clear plastic smoothie cups in various sizes, including plastic smoothie cups with dome lids and plastic smoothie cups with regular lids and straws.

Biodegradable Takeaway Packaging

Recyclable Takeaway Food Packaging

Projuice supplies a fantastic range of sustainable and recyclable takeaway food packaging to cafes across the UK. Our Kraft Takeaway Packaging is made from sustainable Kraft board and is biodegradable, making them an eco-friendly choice. Perfect for salads, pasta, rice bowls, and so much more, our takeaway food packaging comes in various shapes and sizes.

You can pair them with sustainable paper lids, or if you’d prefer to clearly display your delicious-looking food, consider a clear PET plastic lid.

Are Takeaway Coffee Cup Lids Recyclable?

All PET plastic coffee cup lids are recyclable; just look for the number 1 logo on the top of the lid to check. At Projuice, our Fibre Sip Lids are made from renewable plant-based fibre, making them fully recyclable and 100% biodegradable, so you can pack your coffees to go stylishly and sustainably.

By choosing to use takeaway packaging made from renewable or recycled materials, you are promoting a sustainable way of life and appealing to an eco-conscious market while minimising waste. Recyclable takeaway packaging is also designed to lower carbon footprint, conserve natural resources, and promote a circular economy.

Want to learn more about how Projuice can help your cafe business? From award-winning smoothies and frozen fruits to wholesale ice cream and state-of-the-art quality blenders, contact us today to talk further.