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Zumex Speed Pro Self Service

The new Speed Pro Self-Service adapts perfectly to your self-service area, providing your rest area, hotel or cafeteria with a fresh and delicious product.


Control Buttons

  • This juicer is very simple to use having a start/stop system which is activated when a user presses the tap. Ideal for self-service requirements
  • The Speed Self Service will juice up to 40 oranges per minute.

Feeder Capacity

  • The feeder on the Speed has a large hopper on the top which will hold 20kg oranges

Squeezing Mechanism

  • Two upper and lower squeezing balls complete with a peel ejector and blade. The system works by automatically feeding the orange through to the blade cutting the orange and squeezing the juice before ejecting the peel into the bucket.

Peel Bucket

  • Two peel buckets which fit in neatly under the peel ejection arms

DIMENSIONS: W593 X D658 X H1050

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