Zumex Juicers : Zumex Speed S +plus Self Service Podium with Bottle Rack
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Zumex Speed S +plus Self Service Podium with Bottle Rack

The new Speed S +plus Self Service Podium commercial juicer has been created for cafeterias, supermarkets and hotels. It offers an improved user experience and is faster and easier to use.


Control Buttons

  • The Intelligent Touch device can be used to programme the usage mode (automatic or professional), and the number or oranges to be juiced - Up to 40 oranges per minute!

Feeder Capacity

  • The feeder on the Speed has a large hopper on the top which will hold 20kg oranges

New Automatic PULP OUT system

  • Gets rid of pulp easily, hygienically and quickly. It saves time and means your juicer can run by itself.

    You can programme the machine’s usage mode, continuous or non-continuous which will improve your juicer’s performance and the Autoclean function will always keep the filter clean.

New Extraction Kit

  • Easy and compact Remove the entire juicing mechanism in just 10 seconds without having to dismantle it piece by piece, reducing the disassembly and cleaning times.
  • Easy cleaning The mechanism can be cleaned in a dishwasher or under the tap.

New Tap

  • Speed Pro +Plus Self Service tabletop and podium models have a front tap which dispenses juice at the push of a button.

Peel Bucket

  • Two peel buckets which fit in neatly under the peel ejection arms
Inc VAT £8,934.00

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