Commercial Quality Blenders

Designed for our products, these professional blenders will blend with power!

Our professional Problend blenders will effortlessly blend our smoothies and milkshakes at the touch of a button using the preprogrammed settings. All Problend 950 blenders are available for next day delivery with DHL.

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  • Blendtec FourSide Jug

    Blendtec Jug

    £123.00 (inc VAT: £147.60)
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  • Blendtec Lid

    Blendtec Lid

    £13.25 (inc VAT: £15.90)
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Projuice are one of the UK’s leading commercial blender suppliers to the Smoothie, Juice and Shake industry. We stock brands such as Problend and Blendtec.


Choose between the 950 and the 950SE with its sound enclosure which reduces blending noise to a conversational level. Designed for blending smoothies and shakes on a commercial scale its three pre-programmed blend cycles effortlessly blend the perfect drink time after time. The blenders have replaceable parts such as drive sockets and blades. These are simple to fit yourself and our instructional videos will get you back up and blending in no time.


Blendtec have been at the forefront of the blending world since 1975 and in our opinion make the best blender in the UK. We’ve been selling Blendtec for over 15 years and when it comes to the Blendtec Connoissuer there is little we don’t know.