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    DARK Choc-O-Lait Spoon 48

    Box of 48 spoons £31.95 (inc VAT: £31.95)
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Offer indulgent experiences with our luxury Belgian hot chocolate stirrers!

Simply serve with hot milk and let your customers stir until their milk becomes hot chocolate for a gourmet hot chocolate experience! We use the finest Belgian Callebaut chocolate in our wholesale hot chocolate Choc-O-Lait stirrers. Choose from solid chocolate stirring spoons or our premium Choc-O-Lait sticks, containing a ganache centre that melts into a soft swirl!

Wholesale gourmet hot chocolate in 3 steps! Serve luxurious, indulgent hot chocolate using the finest Belgian chocolate!

Our Choc-O-Lait sticks are supplied individually wrapped in wholesale boxes! Made in Belgium by Mome.

Serve Luxury Hot Chocolate In 3 steps!

Like most good ideas the concept is all about simplicity: a wooden stick or spoon with a cube of real premium Belgian Callebaut chocolate on the end. Just swirl the chocolate into a cup of hot milk for one minute to serve a luxury hot chocolate.

1. Heat milk

2. Serve with a Choc-O-Lait Stick

3. Let customers stir the Choc-O-Lait into the milk into a rich hot chocolate!
The Range


Choc-O-Lait Stick Flavours

Supplied in boxes of 24 sticks – available for next day delivery

Choc-O-Lait Spoon Flavours

Supplied in boxes of 48 spoons – available for next day delivery

Dark Chocolate – suitable for Vegans!

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