Wholesale Belgian Waffles

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  • Easy Belgian Waffles

    Easy Belgian Waffles

    Pre-cooked & Individually Wrapped | 20 Servings £18.25 (inc VAT: £18.25)
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  • Liege Waffle Dough Belgian Liege Waffle Dough

    Liege Waffle Dough

    Box of 78 portions £39.55 (inc VAT: £39.55)
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Belgian Liege waffles made easy!

As wholesale waffle suppliers, we use an authentic certified recipe with quality ingredients to make the best waffles out there – Belgian Liege Waffles!

More than waffle mix, waffle powder or waffle batter! Our Belgian Liege Waffle dough is made using an authentic, certified recipe, pre-portioned for consistency and to reduce waste! We use quality ingredients to make a brioche-like yeast dough, studded with pearl sugar – the magic ingredient! Pearl sugar is a small chunk of sugar that holds its shape when cooked, leaving you with gloriously crunchy bites of sugar, incomparable to other cheaper powder or mix alternatives.

Buy the dough and cook it yourself or order pre-cooked to serve in 30-60 seconds.

Serve Wholesale Liege Waffles in 3 Steps!

Serve pre-portion Belgian Liege Waffles in 3 steps using our wholesale waffle dough!

1) Defrost & prove dough for 3-4 hours, 2) cook for 3-4 minutes in a waffle iron/maker, 3) cool and serve!

Serve naked or add fruit, sauce, ice cream and more!

Promote Your Waffles Free!

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