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Cinnamon Monin Syrup
NOW 50% OFF Monin Cinnamon Syrup in a 1 litre plastic bottle
WAS £7.25
Ex Tax: £3.62
Green Mint Monin Syrup
NOW 50% OFF Monin Green Mint Syrup in a 1 litre plastic bottle
WAS £7.25
Ex Tax: £3.62
Orange Juice (NFC)
SALE - 25% OFF WHILST STOCKS LAST Our new not from concentrate Orange Juice (with bits) has an amazing fresh taste as if the oranges were squeezed in front of your eyes! A premium juice now supplied in convienient 1 litre cartons. Easy to Store and Easy to Pour.. Packing Format: 12 x 1 litre cartons per case. Storage / Shelf Life: cool ambient with long shelf life - once opened, chill and use within 3 days.  
12 x 1 litre cartons
Ex Tax: £14.25
Passion Fruit Sorbet
This new DAIRY FREE sorbet is an absolute delight, tangy and creamy all at once! Cheeky Moo Swirl utilises the revolutionary One Shot System to dispense soft serve at the touch of a button at a super cool -18°C. The ice cream is delivered to you already frozen in unique preportioned 6 oz dispenser tubs. When your customer selects a flavour, simply remove a Cheeky Moo Swirl tub from the freezer, peel off the protective tab, place into the dispenser and press the button. The One Shot System ensures the ice cream or yogurt is easily dispensed into a tub or cone of your choice Supplied in packs of 18 portions (2 packs = 1 shipping box) Please note - this product must be served at -18°C BOX DIMENSIONS: 30cm x 20cm x 16cm
18 x 6oz Servings
Ex Tax: £12.75
Exotic Protein Smoothie
HALF PRICE • Was £20.75 Please note: This flavour is being discontinued and has a BBE date of August 2019 This delicious smoothie packs a punch combining Peach, Pineapple, Guava, Kiwi, Mango with Whey and Pea Protein     Supplied in easy to open 150g frozen fruit smoothie sachets in wholesale boxes of 30 servings.   We only ever use premium GRADE A traceable fruit. The fruit and vegetables in our smoothie sachets are sourced and frozen by Crops, our partners for the past 10 years. Crops own farms all over the world in a never ending quest to grow and supply the very best fruit.   BOX DIMENSIONS: 26cm x 39cm x 13cm   ALLERGEN INFORMATION  
WAS £20.75
Ex Tax: £10.38
BIG. Clear Sip Lids 1000
Brand New Sip Lids for Smoothies and Shakes QUANTITY 1000 Premium PET Sip Lids suitable for our BIG range of cups.  Recyclable plastic lids in boxes of 1000. Please note: these lids fit all cups in the BIG range.    
Was £27.00
Ex Tax: £22.95
Paper Jumbo Straws 1000
Biodegradable black jumbo paper straws perfect for smoothies, milkshakes and juices. Supplied in cases of 1000 - 4 x boxes of 250 Each straw is 23cm in length with a diameter of 8mm
WAS £21.50
Ex Tax: £19.95
Pomegranate Seeds(10kg)
Grade A Indian Frozen pomegranate seeds (Arils) supplied in boxes of 10kg Origin: Peru BOX DIMENSIONS: 39cm x 29cm x 17cm
WAS £33.25
Ex Tax: £29.90
Coconut Puree
50% OFF Coconut Puree supplied in 6 x 1kg tubs. Perfect boosts for an exotic, vitamin packed smoothie with no waste and no fuss. 90% COCONUT MILK 10% SUGAR BOX DIMENSIONS (6x1kg): 39cm x 20cm x 17cm
WAS £32.50
Ex Tax: £16.25
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