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Our Cheeky Moo Shakes are supplied in pre-portioned pots made with frozen yogurt or ice cream.

The 250ml tubs contain real fruit or sweets and when blended with milk create a luxurious thick premium milkshake.

Simply empty into a blender, add milk and blend for a deliciously thick milkshake.

Choose from 13 incredible shake flavours.

If you would like to try before you buy purchase one of our mixed sample boxes



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Shake Flavours
IMPORTANT: We have changed the way our shakes are packed. They will now be packed in boxes of 18 TUBS.  1 box of 18 = 1 shipping box Our Cheeky Shakes are supplied in pre-portioned pots
Monin Sauces
We now stock a range of luxury gourmet sauces from the world famous Monin. Supplied in easy-squeeze 500ml bottles. Use to add flavour to your shakes and hot chocolate or drizzle on waffles, ice cream
Monin Syrups
We now stock a range of luxury flavoured syrups from the world famous Monin. Supplied in either 700ml glass bottles or 1litre plastic bottles with easy pour lids. Pumps are available for simple p
Scoop Ice Cream & Yogurt
Offer your customers a variety of shakes by adding a scoop of Cheeky Moo ice cream or frozen yogurt. Choose from a wide range of ice cream flavours supplied in Napoli trays or the healthy
Cups, Lids & Straws
A range of plastic shake cups in both premium PET and affordable PP in a variety of sizes. Our PET cups come with striking Cheeky Moo Shake branding to give you customers the complete experience. Do
Promotional Packs
To help generate instore sales and product interest we supply a lively high impact range of promotional point of sale material including A4 Counter Cards, A3 Posters and A5 Table Talkers. Plus if you