Gelato : Gelato Swirl OS7 Starter Pack
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Gelato Swirl OS7 Starter Pack

Cheeky Moo Swirl uses the One Shot system to dispense both delicious ice cream and frozen yogurt at the touch of a button.


1 Cheeky Moo OS7 Swirl Dispenser
54 Portions - choose any 3 flavours from our range
FREE Delivery

PLUS supporting point of sale

A3 SLAT Menu Board
1 x A4 Counter Card
1 x A3 Sold Here Posters
10 x A6 Table Talkers


Cheeky Moo Swirl utilises the revolutionary One Shot System to dispense soft serve at the touch of a button at a super cool -18°C.

The ice cream or frozen yogurt is delivered to you already frozen in unique preportioned 6 oz dispenser tubs. When your customer selects a flavour, simply remove a Cheeky Moo Swirl tub from the freezer, peel off the protective tab, place into the dispenser and press the button. The One Shot System ensures the ice cream or yogurt is easily dispensed into a tub or cone of your choice

Serve over 200 6oz portions per hour at any time of the day. How easy could it be? Just one push of the button - that's how!
NO preparation - NO sanitising - NO waste - NO refresh time.

Perfect for cafes, bars, catering, events, seasonal operators, and many more. A fantastic way to add delicious premium desserts to your menu without the huge commitment to capital outlay and space with minimial training and consistent product portions.

o One Push Operation
o NO Preparation
o Offer Multiple Flavours
o NO Sanitising

Machine Dimension(mm) 722(H) x 210(W) x 313(D)


Choose ANY 3 FLAVOURS from the following


* Swirl Flavours:

* Custom Branding:

Inc VAT £954.00

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