Dress it up!

Add value to your shakes and ensure you offer your customers a range of different add-ons for that complete milkshake experience!

Most customers will be unable to resist a squirt of cream on top of their milkshake and it finishes off the shake perfectly! Make sure you choose a quality cream to match the quality of your shakes. You could offer this for free or a small charge.

Why not offer a choice of sauces to drizzle over the cream, for starters how about milk, dark or white chocolate, caramel or hazelnut! Again you could offer this for free or a small charge with the cream.
A nice finishing touch for shakes is to squeeze some sauce around the inside of the empty cup before pouring the shake inside, this creates a lovely marbled effect! A range Monin Sauces can be found here

Sweet Sticks
Do you want a flake with that? It’s hard to say no. These days you can choose from chocolate flakes, fudge sticks or wafer straws!
We recommend charging anything from 50p to £1 for this option.

Sweets and Sprinkles
Go full on by finishing the shake with a choice of sweets, for example mini fudge chunks, chocolate chips, hundreds and thousands or jelly beans, the choice is endless.
We recommend charging anything from 50p to £1 for this option.

Go Large
Offer two or three sizes of shakes easily by adding a scoop of shake ice cream or frozen yogurt to the blender jug when blending
Don’t forget to add a little more milk when blending.

Go Deluxe
Why not offer a range of Shake levels, combining the above options. For example you could offer a basic shake, deluxe shake and the ultimate shake, each one with more and more extras included.