Projuice are the leading frozen smoothie sachet supplier to cafes, restaurants and catering outlets nationwide. Our range of 19 smoothie flavours are available in 150g packs. Each one containing a ready to blend mix of fruit and vegetable ingredients and supplied in wholesale boxes of 15 or 30 smoothies.

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Each frozen smoothie sachet or pouch contains nothing but 100% traceable, sustainably sourced fruit and vegetables. Simply add juice and blend for a thick, delicious smoothie. Two of our smoothies have won Great Taste Awards. Check out the flavours below including our latest range of organic smoothies.

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  • Green Reviver Smoothie

    Green Reviver Super Smoothie 30

    Box of 30 sachets £22.00 (inc VAT: £22.00)
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How To Make the Perfect Smoothie

Take a look at how to make the perfect Smoothie with a Frozen Smoothie Sachet by watching our video!

It’s as easy as 1-2-3, first empty contents into a blender, second add 200ml of juice and finally blend for 35 seconds for a deliciously thick smoothie.

Projuice are the UK’s leading smoothie sachet supplier. We provide frozen fruit smoothie packs/sachets/pouches to the catering industry nationwide, furthermore our 150g sachets contain more fruit than anyone else!

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Order our full range online with 15 smoothie flavours including 3 Organic flavours and don’t forget your cups, lids and straws!

If you would like to try before you buy get it touch for a sample box.

A list of our top 6 smoothie flavours
  • Berry Burst – A punchy mixed berry smoothie combining banana, blackcurrants, blackberries as well as blueberries.
  • Raspberry Heaven – Our most popular smoothie and one of our Great Taste Award Winners
  • Pineapple Sunset – A tropical refreshing treat of a smoothie containing papaya and mango in addition to pineapple.
  • Passion Storm – This mix of exotic ingredients create a punchy smoothie to put a bounce in your step
  • Green Reviver – The UK’s only smoothie to have ever won 2 Stars at the Great Taste Awards. This vegetable smoothie combines Kale, Lemongrass, Banana as well as Mango.
  • Acai Kick – A punchy mix of Acai, Blueberries, Strawberries and also Mango