Smoothie Sachets 150g : Green Reviver Smoothie
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Green Reviver Smoothie

A fantastic pick-me-up this amazing award winning green smoothie combines Curly Kale, Lemon Grass, Banana and Mango for a healthy and zesty delight


Supplied in easy to open 150g frozen fruit smoothie sachets in wholesale boxes of 15 or 30 servings.



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We only ever use premium GRADE A traceable fruit.

The fruit and vegetables in our smoothie sachets are sourced and frozen by Crops, our partners for the past 10 years. Crops own farms all over the world in a never ending quest to grow and supply the very best fruit.


15 BOX DIMENSIONS: 19cm x 25cm x 13cm
30 BOX DIMENSIONS: 26cm x 39cm x 13cm



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Nutritional Information 100g/ml

  • Energy (kJ)   266
  • Fibre (g)   2.1
  • Energy (Kcal)   63
  • Proteins (g)   1.0
  • Carbohydrates (g)   12
  • Sugars (g)   9
  • Fat (g)   0.5
  • Sodium (mg)   0.01

Fruit Percentage

  • Banana   42%
  • Curly Kale   30%
  • Lemongrass   3.3%
  • Mango   18%

now in Boxes of 15 or 30

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