3 Ways With Smoothies: Smoothie Ideas for Cafés

3 smoothies, 3 recipes, 3 price points. We show you how to use our frozen smoothie sachets 3 ways with 3 café smoothie ideas.

Smoothies have reported category growth as demand since the pandemic has surged, particularly with the rise of on-the-go purchasing. Yet you can do so much more than simply blending and pouring into a glass or takeaway cup. With a few small extras, you can mix up your smoothie menu and your prices too to gain extra profit and keep your customers coming back for more!

Perfect for cafes, coffee shops and juice bars looking for fruit smoothie ideas, breakfast smoothie ideas and smoothie bowl ideas.

Smoothie Idea 1: The Premium Smoothie

Premium Smoothie - Projuice

Don’t just blend and serve. Attract a more premium price point with a little extra effort. In this recipe we have used our new smoothie for the season: Cherry Berry. Add to your café menu at an RRP of £3.95+!

The Premium Smoothie Recipe

  1. Blend your café smoothie and pour into a recyclable takeaway cup or glass with a straw
  2. Then, add some berries or a slice of fruit on top, or cut into a wedge on the side of the glass
  3. Finish with a sprig of mint, a twist of orange zest or a sprinkle of chia seeds.

We recommend selling our smoothies in a tall glass at £3.95+. Or serve for takeaway in a 12-14oz recyclable PET cup.

Smoothie Idea 2: The Breakfast Smoothie

Breakfast Smoothie  - Projuice

A smoothie for a breakfast occasion. Try our café and coffee shop breakfast smoothie recipe. For this smoothie we suggest a sweet fruity one such as our Strawberry Fantasy, containing strawberries and banana. Add to the menu with a price point of £4.45+!

The Breakfast Smoothie Recipe

You will need:


  1. Empty a Strawberry Fantasy smoothie sachet into a blender jug.
  2. Add 2 scoops of frozen yogurt (fat free)
  3. 1 squeeze of honey
  4. Add milk to the 500ml mark (approximately 300ml)
  5. 1 heaped tablespoon of granola
  6. Blend until smooth (approximately 45 seconds). You might want to pulse this a few times towards the end!
  7. Serve in a 16oz cup. Then garnish with leftover granola, fresh strawberries and finish with a straw.

Don’t have one of our frozen fruit sachets to hand? Try blending your own with frozen strawberries, frozen banana and juice.

Smoothie Idea 3: The Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowl - Projuice

Ever tried a smoothie bowl on your café menu? We have used one of our super smoothies blended into a thicker double serving for a healthy and colourful smoothie bowl that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Think breakfast, pudding or an afternoon treat! We recommend our Acai Smoothie for a tasty smoothie bowl with a real depth of flavour. Add to the menu with a price point of £5.95+!

The Smoothie Bowl Recipe

You will need:


  1. Empty an Acai Smoothie sachet into a blender jug
  2. Add 1 scoop of yogurt
  3. Add Apple and Pear Juice to the 500ml mark
  4. Blend until smooth (approximately 45 seconds)
  5. Pour into a bowl. Then finely slice fruit to garnish and spread over the bowl with a sprinkling of seeds.

Pro tip: serve in a pretty bowl or coconut shell for a really premium look!

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