3 Ways With Ice Cream: Ice Cream Serving Ideas

So, how can food outlets capitalise on this? Ice cream is a very simple and easy product for cafes and restaurants: high margins and fast to serve. However, with a little extra effort you can create simple and delicious ice cream serving ideas that will not only create additional upsell options for customers, but will generate extra profit too.  

The ice cream market has seen innovation and premiumisation of ice cream booming in the last year, with customers increasingly looking for ways to customise their orders. This follows a significant uplift in ice cream sales over the pandemic, supercharged by TikTok ice cream trends with key celebrities. Ultimately, consumers are looking to take ice cream to the next level. So, how can food outlets capitalise on this? We are here to show you how!

Ice Cream Serving Idea 1: Double Ice Cream Portions

Double up and dress up. Doubling your portions is a great way to customise flavour choices and add an upsell option to the menu. Take it a step further and garnish with sauce and toppings for a really premium and personalised treat that can be sold at a higher price point. 

Ever tried serving frozen yogurt? This works excellently as a frozen yogurt idea for adding extra value. It is also a great healthier alternative to ice cream! This can be topped with fruit for a healthy snack on the go. 

Ice Cream Serving Idea 2: Ice Cream for Dessert

A common question we hear is what to serve with ice cream. Well, we are here to help. We have two options for the coffee lovers and the indulgent treat seekers.  

Brownie and ice cream serving idea 

Serve cakes and bakes with ice cream. Any cakes and bakes you have on sale can be used for this.  

  1. Warm up your dessert, cake or bake 
  1. Add a swirl of ice cream, sorbet or frozen yogurt 
  1. Garnish with a dust of icing sugar, fresh berries, sauce or chopped nuts. 
Brownie and Ice Cream Serving Idea

This ice cream serving idea works perfectly for restaurants as an evening or lunch dessert option, or for cafes to add upsell to cakes and bakes anytime of day. 

Affogato serving idea 

Transform your ice cream into a premium dessert of its own to grab those coffee addicts! We recommend serving on a nice slate or board. 

  1. Swirl ice cream into a bowl 
  1. Add a double shot of espresso 
  1. Garnish with a small brownie, shortbread or sprinkling of coffee beans 
Affogato Ice Cream Serving Idea

Ice Cream Serving Idea 3: Ice Cream Sandwich

Take your ice cream to the next level with an ice cream sandwich! Combine doughnuts, cookies, wafers and more with any flavour you like! For this recipe we tried using doughnuts and cookies. Let your customers choose their flavours and serve in seconds. 

Ice cream doughnut sandwich and ice cream cookie sandwich 

Dough nuts dough not get better than this!   

  1. Cut a doughnut in half or select 2 cookies 
  1. Swirl ice cream on one half 
  1. Top with the other half and serve! 
Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich Serving Idea

Pro tip: take it up a level with iced ring doughnuts and garnish with sauce and more! 

The Best Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Machine for Cafes

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