Projuice Launches 2 New Smoothie Blends!

Projuice has launched 2 new super smoothie blends ahead of the summer season! These follow the recent release of the new Cherry Berry Classic Smoothie and new vegan recipe of the Coconut Crush Smoothie.

Projuice’s range of super smoothies contain superfood ingredients that are said to be rich in health boosting ingredients. This range sits alongside the Classic and Organic smoothie range.

New Smoothie Flavours for 2022

Matcha Power

Combining powerful antioxidant-rich fruit and veg, Matcha Power is a powerhouse smoothie offering ingredients said to boost health. Matcha powder and spinach give this smoothie its green colour, with pineapple, banana and apple for sweetness.

Matcha Power Smoothie - Projuice

Matcha, made from ground green tea leaves, is a more concentrated form of Green Tea. It is believed to house cancer-fighting antioxidants, help productivity and brain function and help to lower cholesterol among many other benefits.

Tropical Carrot

Another addition to the Super Smoothie range is the Tropical Carrot Smoothie. Carrot, Guava Puree, mango, kiwi and banana are combined into this vitamin c rich smoothie.

Tropical Carrot Smoothie - Projuice

Highlighted as good for the skin, immunity and digestion, Guava Puree is a superfood ingredient that you won’t want to miss. While carrot contains a wealth of vitamins that are said to aid bone strength, reduce cancer risk and improve heart health.

Available in boxes of 15’s, these smoothies are pre-portioned into 150g sachets (the perfect size for one 12-14oz serving). Simply blend with juice and serve!

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